I am able to understand each and everything that my science teacher teaches me. my teacher also teach new facts and some interesting facts also related with the topic. my teacher also teach that how to be very creative in science. my teacher uses different methods to make us understand…hope it will help you.. ;)
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Pllzzz write some different answers. . U jv written always the same ans.
I like science class because it gives me knowledge about everything things and tell us the real fact about the world that we don't know ex.we don't know that how plants prepare food for them but if u search about it then we come to know that it's a very long and sensitive process.As we all know that we cruse sunlight but plants need it to prepare food. when we understand science we come to know about many things like how our brain i am felling sick so i right the remaining answer after some time.i hoped iiiiiiiiiiit helpeeeeeeeeeeeeeees uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
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