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Nowadays science technology is growing immensely. Many devices and gadgets had been invented and are still getting better. Example: Telephone-> button cell phone-> touchscreen smart phones... This science which is used for many purposes can also help us to save and develop our future. This decade has been very fruitful for the development of modern technology and science. It can bring metaphor to all the living beings in many diff erent ways. There are many more modern and smarter inventions to come. Meanwhile, we students, can also take part in this process and give this world our own inventions to develop the future of our nation and the nations worldwide. The inventions of solar operated automobiles, cooker, homeappliances, etc can help save our environment and energies like electicity, petroleum, etc. Hope this helps..... all the best!!! :) ;)
Not only in our nation.There are even  nations which are at depths are too developing. In future we can use the growing technology for many good things.

1)We know that lots and lots of animals becoming extinct.Is that right?When science develops in future we should try to save the animals which are being destroyed.

2)We people cut down lots and lots of trees.We destroy the lungs of earth.In future inventions should be done to save trees.

3)Caste is a main thing which is making difference even between people.In future this can be stopped.

4)On the basis of technology the main entertainment of people started with radio.Then people started going behind CD player.Then  came the television. And then computer.But now all these inventions like radio,CD player,television and computer are put together in multi-purpose invention can further be developed in future.

5)In homes now a days cooking appliances are not mostly used in by solar energy.but in future people can start using them commonly.
                                                and lot more development can take place in                                                     future.

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