Science has a turning point when it comes to the future. You can do many kinds of things when it comes to science and the future. You can use science to make machines which helps in the defence, technology, conservation and the safety of the people. Most of them think that science can be used only for doing little experiments. But the truth is the other way. Most of science is still undiscovered and remains a mystery. All the special formulas and reactions are mind blowing. Technology has decreased the problems in our world. You just have to plug it in and rest. Science makes machines for future development safe. Safety is surely the first thing to see whenever you deal with science. Science will conquer the world one day then you will know that what is the rain of or conquering the world.

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Science is the basis along with mathematics for the progress in food technology, agriculture, comfort, transport, space, oil, medical fields.  Science and mathematics form the foundation for all the engineering fields.

Science has progresses a lot during the last few centuries and the fastest and unimaginable progress has been made in the last 50 years.  The research efforts are continuing on further for the better future of people and hence for the country.

I can make use of the developments in space science and findings known so far in the various expeditions to other planets.  I can make use of the developments in the space science, for obtaining business for ISRO.  We get more contracts from other countries to send their satellites.

We can build very good defence and attack related weapons and surveillance products using the most advanced scientific knowledge and engineering techniques and practices.  We can sell these devices and equipments to other countries. There is a demand for these.  We can also reduce the huge expenditure we are incurring on defence requirements.

We can produce better quality crops, already scientists and agricultural experts advise farmers on better cultivation methods suitable for different soils.  Thus we can improve food situation in the country.

Dirt, water pollution, adulteration, unhygienic living conditions of poor people is one of the causes for a lot of expenditure by the people and the country.  As the scientific awareness increases among people, the situation will become better.  Also, science can find better solution for these problems.

I will make more scientists in the fields of medicine, physics, chemistry, and other sciences.  They will improve the scientific standards and  enhance the name of the country in the world. As science creates new fields and new jobs, it will help unemployed.

The solutions to population control are important as we are already too crowded.  We need science to improve the population controls in India.

We need good scientific applications to improve the protection of our environment and to reduce the pollution by vehicles and other burning of many fuels.  The health of the community will improve and thus the country will benefit.  I will also invent new fuels which reduce pollution and have higher calorific value.

The earning capacity of people of India increases when they become experts in science and engineering.  We can do the jobs at international and national level more effectively and compete better internationally.

I will try to improve energy utilization efficiency and conservation of energy at homes, offices and industries. So we will save energy.  I will make more use of solar power.  I will set up many more atomic power plants, after taking into account safety aspects.  These are essential and will reduce the power supply problems.  Many industries which have been shut down due to power-shortage will then run again and generate employment.  I will look for generating power from the renewable energy sources like solar and geothermal energy too.

So much advancement has taken place in the latest technologies like nano-technology and semiconductor technologies.  I will set up many industries to manufacture electronic goods and equipment.  This will save a lot of foreign exchange and generate internal employment.  India's economic condition will improve by this.  I will use latest science to find ways of making and exporting of goods.

I will make people of India more logical and scientific instead of superstitious.  Then poor people of India will develop faster.

I will use science and engineering techniques to explore more minerals, natural gases and oil in our land and in our ocean waters.  We will save on the purchases of these from other countries.

I will find ways of using science to remove corruption and thus the government can run more efficiently.  I will train the sports persons more scientifically so that they can win more medals in the international tournaments. 

I will introduce nutrition, hygiene and health science as a subject in every science, arts, law, or engineering degree.  Thus, all citizens will be aware of the good habits and practices for themselves.  The prestige and respect for India will improve in the eyes of the world.

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