I am cloud,I come into being when water evaporates from the Earth's various water bodies like oceans,lakes,rivers,etc and also by the process of transpiration from moist surfaces. Post condensation in the atmosphere and saturation of the water vapour,I appear in my form which you know as a cloud.I can be found in the troposphere, the lowest layer of the atmosphere where weather phenomena occurs.I bring rain tdue to precipitation and sometimes I can also precipitate in the form of snow or hail.As a cloud,I can be of different types and shapes depending upon physical structure and how I am formed-The two basic categories are stratiform which means like a sheet and cumuliform,that is heaped upon or fluffy and crumpled up.I am usually white in colour on a beautiful sunny day or dark grey and grumpy to look at on rainy days.

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Hi readers!
I'm here to tell you a small story.You think it's about kings?or about demons?
No.It's about me.Don't think I'm a human like you all. I'm a cloud.Yes. I can neither be called as a solid nor as a liquid or gas. I'm made up of water and lots of chemical substances that are in the sky.I have the ability to store water in me.But when I have stored sufficient water I leave it out as precipitation like rain,snow,hail etc.I not only do that work.I have an hobby.I freely roam around the world.If I am tired I take rest above mountains or hill.It would be a cool experience.
But when I give out extreme amount of precipitation along with lightning and thunder I burst. Just like human die I burst.In terms this is called as CLOUDBURSTING. This is the story of my life.But in lifetime I enjoy myself and also help others.
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