Friend 1: hey I'm taking my bike. Just don't tell my dad. Friend 2: don't take it. You're just 16! Friend 1: leave it. I don't care. Friend 2:I bet you would get caught by a cop. Friend 1: is it so? Then let me go with my dad. Friend 2: that's a person who respects the rules, my friend! Friend 1: thank you. I'll respect the rules from now on!
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i need conversation by other two friends of him?
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(In friend-1's house. Friend -1 and Friend-2 hears the noise of bike horn.They come out.They saw a small boy driving a bike.)
FRIEND-1:  Hey what's this?who's bike would it be?

That would have been his parents' bike.

FRIEND-1: But he doesn't look like 16.He is so small.According to law people below the age                  of 16 should  not ride bike.

FRIEND-2: Who cares about law?Let him  enjoy.

FRIEND-1: I think you don't know about the accidents taking place in India.
                 Children below the age of 16 drive and are prone to accidents.

FRIEND-2: So, is it so dangerous?

FRIEND-1: Yes.Seeing the boy you don't try such things.Wait for few more years.Get your                    licence and then do such things.

FRIEND-2: I will surely follow what you said. I give you assurance that I wont
                 ride motor vehicles till I get my license.


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