A builder is trying to convert a park in your area into a shopping complex. It is the only open space in the area where children play. With your partner, discuss how you would mobilise support to stop the construction. please help tomorrow is my ASL test !! (

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(A group of children who play in park regularly, one day go back to their house crying. Ram goes to his elder brother Ashutosh crying.)

Ram:Brother,big uncles are not leaving me to play in park.


Ram: They told that they are going to build shopping complex.

Ashutosh: This is not at all fair.

(Ashutosh along with his friends go and protest against the builders.Seeing the small children protesting elders too come to about the building. And they too join the children.

After some time the police arrives...)

Police-1: What's going on here.

(Ashutosh tells the matter.)

Police-2:But they have paid for this land and they are building their building.You              can do nothing.

Ashutosh: Sir but we children have no other place other than this.

Police-1: Ok I'll talk about this to the builders.The happiness of growing children               is the most important thing.

(Soon the builders leave the place and children play in the park.)

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What you’re saying is quite interesting. Could you explain it a little?  
How easy/difficult would be to put your solution in place?
  Do you think your solution would be effective/work? Why/ Why not?
  What could be some other ways to reach a solution?
  Would you agree with what your partner has said about ………..? Why/Why not? !!