If science is the cause of the destruction then it can also save the society.
It will be little hard but we will soon replace problems with solutions like Thomas Alva Edison invented the electric bulb whose electry consumption was 80% which wastes a lot of electricity bt now this year Hiroshi,Isamu and Shuji won the Nobel prize fr inventing the blue LED whose electric consumption is only 20% which is even less than CFL. But one must knw that development takes place when there is a lot of savings just like I mentioned above for electricity bt another main factor is cost as we knw the cost of a bulb is rs.30 so, no poor can afford a CFL or blue LED.Therefore,the costs r also responsible.therfore certain factors are there we cannot solve a problem easily.I hope u might be knwing our PM who has started a safai aviyan which i hope will be necessary.