Science is interesting because it is very joyful to learn our world around us. We can know about the our universe , our body , plants feature , kinds of organisms and much more . It includes biology , chemistry and physics . Science is very easy that anyone can learn and understand it and can use it for research . Everyone can be benefited by this .

Through the biology we can able to know about our surrounding . Biology also tell us about us . Our human system , the structure of plants and animals  . We study different organs in our body . We can know about our each body organs system and functions such as heart transfer as blood .

Now the subject is Chemistry . We use chemical in every our work . We use salt   ( Nacl) in our food , we use detergent to wash our clothes , we use fertilizers and pesticides for the good crops etc . Most importantly all the medicines are made up of chemical process . Hence it also give life to organisms . 

And the last is physics . Physics is the most important subject in the science . We can calculate speed of anything , we can calculate heat of anything etc . Through physics we can know  evolution of the universe and atoms.

Also with the help of these subject we can even make machines , robots . We also can find the way how to reduce pollution ( air pollution , water pollution , soil pollution , and noise pollution ) . We can able to remove corruption before it roots us and much more .

Hence Science is very important for the development of our future.

And if our future will be developed then our nation will also become healthy and happy and pollution free .
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Science plays a very major role in the development of a country. Today we can live a peaceful life only due to science. Science had changed the world. Science has changed tge entire scenary of these beautiful world. It helped in many ways. Before we were not able to communicate with other people beacause of lack of science but today we can communicate with other people in other countries using cell phones--all become possible only due to science. Before we were not able to get news but today by television we can get many news about the world. It helped in many ways and I hope that it may even be helpful for tomorrow also. Science is the backbone for us. East or West science is the best
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