As a coin has two sides, this topic has also two sides. The first is single sex schools are better than coed schools because in coed schools the girls or boys try to impress the person of opposite gender and waste their valuable time. And the girls from single sex schools are bold enough to give presentations or debates.
The second is coed schools are better than single sex schools because there is a chance to know how to communicate with boys without any fear or any and there is a chance to learn more things from others and try to compete with their opposite gender. this improves competative spirit in the minds of the students.
a school which consists are both female as well as male students are known as coed schools.

the schools which has only male students or only female students are known as single sex schools.

coed schools are very difficult to be handled.

the boys and girls combine together to form great problems for the teachers.

it is easier for the teachers to handle only boys or only girls in a class.

we know that the teenagers of now has become very bad.

they prefer making boy friends at a very small age instead of studying hard to built their future.

sports are usually different for girls and boys.

boys prefer playing cricket , football , etc while girls prefer playing tennis , basket ball , etc.

it is easier to organize games of just one type than organizing different types of games for both boys and girls.

so as a fact we can conclude that  Single-Sex Schools are better than coed Schools.