The control of sensation of hunger are both netural and hormonal because here the stomach senda a signal to ask to release the the hormone or not so the brain sendsthe signal to release the hormone  then the stomach releases the ghrlin hormone 
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Both hormonal and neural controls are exercised.

Organs in hunger sensation  are the stomach, intestines, pancreas, hypothalamus in the brain.  Organ systems involved are Digestive system, Endocrine system, Nervous system, Circulatory system.

    Our body and system feels the urge and need to eat food. This sensation is called hunger. Digestive system maintains the sugar levels in the blood. When the level falls below a certain threshold (or when stomach is empty), a hormone Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach. Ghrelin is also called the hunger hormone. It is produced in gastro-intestinal tract. After eating food, the stomach gets stretched and the ghrelin secretion stops. Ghrelin acts on the hypothalamic brain cells of our central nervous system. 

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