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By providing new hybrid crops with the help of biotechnology you can develop good crop which lead to good public health which will lead to nation progress
By atomic research and weaponology you can create a number of missiles and weapons for the safety of nation.
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tooooooooooo small as compared to other answers
what is your problem if you can't write answers then why are you blaming others for their answers even if they are short atleast those are answers which are quite good.!
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There have been some incredible leaps forward in science in the past decade.
The role of science and technology in future design will be discussed from the perspective of someone who has lived all his life in the United States and whose scientific experience has spanned the years since the late 1930s. It is likely that the reader will find in my discussion characteristics that apply to many developed countries and developing ones. Inasmuch as scientific progress is highly dependent on financial support and, in modern times, on general societal support, it is appropriate to discuss the interaction of science and society. Using the United States as an example, some of the topics to be discussed are the views of public officials who influence the distribution of research funds, the response of funding agencies and the views of scientists. Finally, we shall look at the co-evolution of science and society and attempt to draw some conclusions concerning their related future and the implications for the future of technology.
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