a 4- sided flat shape with straight sides
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See diagram.

Kite is generally the Rhombus shaped (light in weight) object used for playing during January in India.  It is so beautiful and colourful.  There are kite festivals held in South of India especially in Hyderabad during January every year during Sankranthi festival.

Children fly kites in the sky.  Kite is prepared with thin paper or polythene sheet or other materials.  It has usually four sides and equal opposite parallel sides.  People attach a tail made of paper or polythene sheet, that flies and adds beauty to it when flying.  Kite is usually a geometrically symmetric about the vertical axis.

Kite flies in sky due to high pressure below its plane and low pressure above its surface.  When a person pulls it lower using a thread, it flies higher (or stays at the same height) due to the reaction force generated by the pushed air.

One horizontal and one vertical support (thin wooden rod for example) are provided along the diagonals of the kite. That gives more balance and moment of inertia to the kite.

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