- With corruption, everyone pays.
- Corruption robs us all.
- Corruption, go away, leave my country this i pray.
- Power corrupts but absolute power corrupts absolutely. 
- Corruption is pollution to our economy.
- Corruption will lead to our destruction.
- Overpower corruption before it overpowers u.

1.Corruption, don't rule, we are not fools!
2.We need to stop it, or the world will get stopped by it!
3.Save us from corruption they plead, stand out of that group and lead!
4.You can escape if you try, or else if you are late, you will need to cry!
5.Stop corruption which is spreading like an eruption!
6.Corruption is like fire when there is a crisis, and like breeze when someone asks about it.
7.The one who could stop corruption will be the one who has given a lot of hard work and an ambition.
If ever someone asks what is corruption, say that it is one of the first things to be stopped to make the country a country of high economy.
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