Apartheid was the name of a system of racial discrimination unique to South Africa.the white Europeans imposed this system on South Africa. during the 17th and18th centuries, the trading companies from Europe occupied it with arms and force,in the way they occupied India.But unlike India,a large number of 'whites'had settled in South Africa and became the local rulers.the system of apartheid divided the people and labelled them on the basis of their skin colour.The native people South Africa are black in colour.They made up about 3/4th of the population and were called 'blacks'. Besides these 2 groups  ,there were people of mixed races who were called 'coloured' and people who migrated from India.The white rulers treated all non-whites as inferiors. The non-whites did not have voting rights.the apartheid system was particularly oppressive for the blacks.They were forbidden from living in white areas.They could work in white areas only if they had a                                                                                       permit.Trains,buses,taxis,hotels,hospitals,schools and colleges,libraries, cinema halls, theaters, beaches, swimming pools,public toilets were all separated for the whites and blacks.