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Apartheid means discrimination on the basis of race or the state of being apart.Apartheid implies superiority of the whites and the inferiority of the blacks and browns and their segregation in their colonies or slums. It means that they are seconds rate citizens and the whites have, therefore, every to rule over them. A rigid policy of segregation of the nonwhite population in South Africa. Whites were discriminated by the whites in South Africa. Non whites were not allowed to visit places like malls etc and were in whites control.Non whites could not travel on first coach and they had to travel in last coach. there were separate buses and trains for whites and non whites. Separate hospitals and ambulance also.Apartheid was created in 1948. From 1948 to 1960 the policies and strategies of apartheid changed. It began as rules and regulations for example putting people into different groups based on their color and spiraled into violence, such as the massacre at Sharpsville. Over time the rules and severity of apartheid increasingly generated more violence. The government passed laws that were more restrictive and harsh, and the movement of the African National Congress (ANC) responded with violence. 
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Apartheid was the name of a system of racial discrimination unique  to South Africa. This system is established by the white Europeans in South Africa. This system is a offical policy of radical separation and ill treatment of blacks followed by the government of South Africa between 1948 and 1989. During the 17th and 18th century the trading companies from European occupied South Africa with arms and  force. This system divide people and label them on the basis of their colour. The people of SA are black in colour. They were called blacks. And the Europeans were called whites. Beside this groups there were also people of mixed race who where called coloured. The blacks cannot have the freedom to go to the places where whits live without permission. Since 18950 the blacks began to fight back. At last South Africans get their freedom back.
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