Science can be used in many ways to develop our country in future. we can make our life comfortable. can use Science for future development of my nation by inventing all new machines which are useful for my nation.Iam also going to make some more new weapons if anybody attaks on me.I will use my weapons on them. we can make nuclear weapons at the time of wars. we can send more more and satellite into space and can make our country the best. 
n this science and technology dominated world, people are living their life with a lot more easier than the life their ancestors were leading. First of all, what is science or how did it originate?? Science, describing in a very broad scene is anything which is done with a particular method or manner. The science which started off with the invention of a wheel, discovery of fire, has come up to the level where people are in a position where they can find out, what is happening inside the fire in