Science is interesting because it is very joyful to learn our world around us. We can know about the our universe , our body , plants feature , kinds of organisms and much more . It includes biology , chemistry and physics . Science is very easy that anyone can learn and understand it and can use it for research . Everyone can be benefited by this .

hope it is useful to you.;)
Science is considered as the queen of consists of different branches like physics,chemistry,and biology. physics deals with the physical nature of substances like light,heat,electricity,electronics,astrophysics,nuclearphysics etc,its intersting when we are studying through expts,seminars,discussions etc.chemistry deals with chemicalnature of substance which is related to atomic no.atomic wt etc of elements.biology deals with the study of living things like plants ,animals of plants is botony,and that of animals is of science will be interesting because its related to the environment and if we study through discussions and expts.