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                       SELF HELP IS THE BEST HELP;;

Self help is when someone can help themselves out without needing to go to a third party in order to seek any advice or hep regarding a problem........

Is it possible not to depend on anybody? A school student has to depend on his/ her parents to pay for his studies and look after him/her. So, it does not apply to students or young boys and girls. It is exclusively for the grown up, whom by putting a little extra effort, can stand on his/ her own leg.When a man starts earning his own bread, he should plan his expenditures in such a way that it does not overlap his income, otherwise, he will have to go and borrow money or things from the others.Some people take hefty amount as dowry from the bride’s parents. It is a disgraceful thing. No man with self respect would demand dowry. Though demanding or taking dowry is a crime liable for punishment, such crude practice still exists among all religions. This way all religions stand united!These people not only stop with the dowry. They squander more from the girl’s parents though they are well off”. Some people spend lavishly for their children hoping that the children would take care of them at later stages of life!
So, do not expect help from any body, no matter even if lie/ she are your own brother or sister. Do not seek recommendation for job or for any help. Instead, help yourself. This way, you will not give room for others to dent your self respect. Remember this great saying: “Save money and money will save you!
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