the tribal people of india are also known as the ADIVASIS ...around 1500,tribal people had started forming kingdoms ,some of them became powerful like the gond kingdoms of madhya pradesh and chattisgarh .... However the vast majority of adivasis continued to live deep inside forests,practicing subsistence farmingor herding.......with the coming of the british the largely peaceful life of the tribal people was disrupted .....because the british imposed entirely new revenue systemlike the permanent settlement of 1793 ..they had to pay exorbitant rates of revenue ...they were compelled to grow cash crops like poppy,indigo and cotton... 
The strongest resistance to the british policies came from adivasi communities of the chhota nagpur region of jharkhand.....tribal groups were concentrated in the districts of ranchi ,singhbum and santhal pargana ... the major tribes were the santhals , the mundas,the kols and the oraons... together  they made up four-fifths of the tribal population in the region ....
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