I dont think that what we are doing today is not enough to stop corruption.the number of people who are trying to do corruption are ten times of the people who are trying to stop corruption.and many are not doing any of the way the people trying to stop the corruption are gradually decreasing.because they try 1 time..2 times...3times....6 times...8 times...10 times...and then they lose their hope.these leads to the decrease in number.our india today is full of corruption and the people who are struggling a lot to stop it were very get seat in a college ..corruption,to get a political post...corruption,buy a book...corruption,want water corruption,for each and every thing corruption.
and what we are doing is not at all enough to stop corruption or to abolish corruption.actually common people are encouraging corruption.they need things,the prospers need money.that makes people in crease corruption.
we should make people alert ,alert and alert of corruption.we need to conduct rallys etc.
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no ,.,,we are not doing enough,,,for making a corruption free india..
Corruption can not be stopped.
One big step is working on our foundation; raising children in good home environments and families where values and character are inculcated in them.

A free press is important. A truly free press; its amazing how a nation can take an illussion for reality and a lot of mess gets covered because the media is controlled by a cabal.

The judicial system would have to be led by men and women of intergrity; unfortunately if the nation is under the grip of immorality and depravity, then it would have its share of crooks and thugs in suit as judges.

I support the fight against corruption which Anna Hazare jee has started but at the same time my mind is full of doubts.. Many doubts..How can we stop corruption in India?..........

Corruption has strong roots. Corruption has to uprooted and the tumors which it has formed like the cancer tumors have to be removed. Even a single cell has the power to recreate it. We are humans and do not have control on the basics feelings like greed. If you are given even 500 rupees to do one work you will happily take it and start dreaming about how to spend it. While when your earn the same you prefer saving it. When this saving and spending ratio has to be balanced you prefer to be irrational. The cleaning of individual from within is necessary and that can be done only by an individual. Perhaps it requires lot of effort and we are too lazy for that. It will take decades to clean it up even if we start today. But if we are really in for it.. We can achieve what we want.

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