If i get a day to spend with god i will spend it very efficiently. I would remove all the miseries and sadness grom this world. I will do all the things i could'nt do when i was a normal human being. i would like to remove jealousy,hatred and all such things from a person's mind. I would help the needy and the poor people who don't have food to eat,clothes to wear and books for education. I with the help of god would provide them with all the opportunities that could'nt think of. I would like to improve the india's government which is not at all efficient. I would like to build more schools where education is free and small childrenand even elders can education themselves. I would plant more and more trees thinking about our future and the upcoming generation. Tbis magical powers would not be wasted if i got a chance to have it. HOPE THIS HELPS.
Yeah thank you very much ! :)
Your welcome.
:') :) Yeah.
If a get chance to spend a day with my i would use the day to correct the mistake i have done in my life even though they are very small mistakes. i would like to pray for my well wishers .my friendsĀ ,my parents and all the people living in the world, i even would like see the heaven in which the god stays. i would like meet those who had passed away from my life and talk to them.i would like to show the god the things that are happening in the world.