The poem, “The Duck and The Kangaroo” by Edward Lear begins with a sweet conversation between a duck and a kangarooThe Duck praises the Kangaroo about the way he hops. The Duck says that how gracefully the Kangaroo hops over the fields and water that it seems like it has no ending. The Duck feels sorry for himself as his own life is a bore and already spent half of his life in the nasty pond. The Duck wishes if he could hop like the Kangaroo..The Kangaroo thinks about the Duck’s proposal deeply. He has an objection to his request because the duck’s feet are cold from water which would trouble the Kangaroo if the Duck sat on his back for the ride.The Duck had a quick solution to the Kangaroo’s problem. He said he was carrying a pair of socks which will keep his feet neat and warm. Also, he is carrying a cloak and he would smoke a cigar daily and enjoy the company of his dear Kangaroo.The Kangaroo finally agrees to take the Duck on a ride. In the moonlight, the Duck is seen sitting steady on the Kangaroo’s tail. They hopped the world thrice. There was no one so happy like the Kangaroo and the Duck.The rhyme scheme of the poem is ABAB. The poet wants to convey a message through this simple poem that polite and courteous behavior can win hearts and help us to fulfill our desire..
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