There are 2 groups of winds that blows or moves through our country.The first group is the Arabian sea group [A] and the second is the Bay of Bengal group [B].The B branch i.e. the Bay of Bengal group moves through the eastern side i.e through the eastern states like Odisha, Andhra Pradesh etc. On the other hand the same time the A branch i.e.the Arabian sea branch moves throuh the western states like the Maharastra,Gujarat etc.
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the westerlies are winds blowing from the sub tropical high pressure belt to the sub polar low pressure belt in both the hemispheres. they are named so because the general direction from which ther blow is west---from south west in the northern hemisphere and the north west in the southern hemisphere.they bring rainfall to the werstern parts f the continent in the temperate regions.

the westerlies are more stronger and constant in the southern hemisphere than in the northern hemisphere. between 40 degree south and 65 degree south ther become so string that they are named as

# roaring forties

# furious fifties

# screaming sixties

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