You can use the flag of Jamaica, you can use cutouts of Usain Bolt, you can use the famous places in Jamaica as the background of the brochure, you can use the type of cloth they wear and stick it on the ends of the brochure.
Jamaica is an island country located in the caribbean sea.

the continent in which jamaica is situated is north america.

the capital of jamaica is kingston.

 Jamaica is the fifth-largest island country in the Caribbean.

kingston is the largest city in jamaica.

jamaica is in the hurricane of the atlantic ocean.

as it is in the hurricane belt ,it faces highly dangerous storms.

jamaica has a wide range oj flora and fauna.

there are many animals found in jamaica.

jamaican boa and jamaican hutia are two of the well known animals found in jamaica.

english is the official language of jamaica.

the religion followed by most of the jamaicans is christanity.

the first image  is the flag of jamaica which you can use in the cover page.

the second image is of jamaican boa.

the third image is of jamaican hutia.

the fourth image is of some jamaicans.
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