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Jamaica is the country in the Caribbean island. and its mostly famous for producing athletes and one of the finest example is usain bolt popularly known as fastest man on the earth...many islands including jamaica forms west indies 
The currency is the Jamaican dollar.Jamaica has a high level of crime.The longest mountain range in Jamaica is called the Blue Mountains. Blue Mountain Peak is the highest point on the island at 2256 metres (7402 feet).
Jamaica is a country situated Caribbean Sea.This am island country.The capital of Jamaica is Kingston.The national language of Jamaica is Jamaican Patois.It was declared as an independent country by UNITED KINGDOM in 6th august 1962.The name of the currency of Jamaica is Jamaican dollar. Portia Simpson Miller is the PRIME MINISTER of Jamaica.Lastly the Jamaican Government celebrated its 52nd Independence day function on 6th august 2014.