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1) What are latitudes and longitudes?
Latitudes and longitudes are imaginary lines that run horizontally and vertically on the Earth's surface respectively.
2) What are the special names of these imaginary lines?
The latitudes are referred to as the Parallels of Latitudes and the longitudes are known as Meridians of Longitudes.
3) What is the difference between latitude and longitude?
- Latitudes have equal space in between them.
~ Longitudes don't have equal space between them.
- Run from east to west, horizontally.
~ Run from north to south, vertically.
- There are 180 latitudes.
~ There are 360 longitudes.
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Meridians of longitude - These are the vertical lines drawn from north pole to south pole . these are semi circles and meet at and intersect at North pole and south pole . the length of the longitude are equal. the distance between the longtitudes decreases steadily towards the pole until it becomes 0 at the pols where all the meridians meet. there are 360 longitudes which are measured in degrees, degrees into minutes , minutes into seconds.
Importance of longitudes -  it gives the exact location. it helps in finding the time.

Parallels of latitudes- these are the horizontal lines on the globe passing from west to east. they are parallel to each other and do not intersect with each other. there are 181 latitudes on the globe. the distance between the two latitudes always remains the same. equator is the longest latitude on the globe that divides the earth into two equal halves. that is northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.these are always circular and are not equal in length of the circle decreases towards the poles .
importance of latitude -it helps to find a location of a place
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