o. henry is also known by the name William Sydney porter .

he was born on 11th September 1862 in north Carolina

his father Algernon Sydney porter was a physician .his mother died when he was 3.

he was a good and constant reader but he dropped out of school at the age of 15 and started to work in a drug store

in 1894 , he started "THE ROLLING STONE " a humorous magazine

when it failed he joined as a reporter and columnist

while in prison he wrote short stories to support his daughter

in 1907 henry married sara Lindsay was not a happy life . they separated after a year

he died of cirrhosis of liverĀ on june 5 1910 in new york

in 1918, o. henry awards were declared to give for the best magazine

some of his famous stories are:

* the rolling stones

*sixes and sevens

*waifs and strays

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