India has seen a lot of people coming to it's nation, all the way from Ashoka to the Brits.Long time ago,before Christ was born, India never faced these consequences. Though we were still famous in that time! One of the earliest and well-known description of standard time had appeared at our country in the 4th Century! As time pasted, the Indus Civilisation took place. We often call Ancient India as the Harappan Civilization. Can you guess why? Well, the answer is very simple, Harappa was one of the cities in the ancient times. Though there were 1500 cities more but Harappa is the oldest. There was another famous city called Mohenjo Daro.Well this civilisation has given us many things like papyrus (Indus Scripts, which we unforunately can't translate.) ,  thousands of artifacts(seals, dancing lady) and many more.
In those times, they didn't have religions. Everybody only believed Mother Earth and her loving nature. This civilisation; had sadly came to an end. Instead, the Aryans took control and made their new civilisation and this process so on happened. Now, India has Independance and nobody has rights to conquer India! 
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