I am very much afraid of my english teacher not only me but my whole class if i ever go infornt of her i forget everything wt i had learn ......................can u frnd help me in this condition

Just of any comedian when u go in front of her
hope my answer will help you...to face ur angry teacher..
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i maked just nw


then there is only one way just as much as possible and show her what you are and make her feel shame of her knowledge
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she is a senior teacher teaching in our sckl since 20years
Ok then don't worry cheer every time before her and laugh for silly things
Yeh because their is also a same teacher she is biology teacher we too do the same when ever she gets angry
ya sure
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you and your friends should not do anything which make her angry.
you all have to be just quite when her period is on your class.
when she asks u all something then give your answers very politely .
just the main thing is do not do anything which make her to scold u all

hope will help you dear friend...

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thnk u verey very much
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wt do u mean bye this?....
they are having no other choices to do .....can u suggest somthing else]
they should be like her`s gud students..lol....;D