Gandhi ji was very much aware of cleanliness thats why he said that “Sanitation is more important than Independence.So his views were very positive towards this. Thats why to promote this our prime minister Modi started a campaign swachh bharat abhiyan..................

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Many times during his life time Gandhiji commented and advised people on hygiene, health, cleanliness and consequences.

Gandhiji was very sad about the ignorance of people, especially rural people.  He mentioned that that hygiene and sanitation have a close relation ship with health and diseases.  He was critical of peoples bad habits like spitting on roads and everywhere.  He explained that germs and bacteria could spread that way.

Gandhiji requested people in villages not to allow water to collect and become dirty. Mosquitoes and other harmful organisms breed there and cause many diseases to people nearby.

Gandhiji also realized that keeping toilets very clean is essential like they did in the western countries.  He was of the view that rural people must be supplied clean water for their domestic use.  Taking bath in public and open ponds was one of the causes for epidemics.

He advised people against passing urine at any place on the road.

He wrote some articles in papers and magazines also on what people must do or must not do.  He talked about cleanliness in many speeches.  He criticized the unhygienic conditions at the quarters of Indian servants employed with the British.