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Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was a campaign launched by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This campaign was launched to keep India clean from every sector. The campaign was started on 2nd October, 2014. This campaign was launched so that we have a clean India,i.e., clean hospitals, schools,streets,societies,etc. Narendra Modi declared this campaign when he was to take the oath of being the Prime Minister. He even made all of the Indians swear that India will be clean till 2nd October,2014.
However the campaign may not be a success as co-ordination was the key which it really lacks.
Swacch bharat is campaign launched by our P.M Narendra was launched on 2 nd oct 2014.and on this day he himself cleaned the road.He as appointed 9 notable public figures to look after thus campaign some if them are Anil Ambani, Salman KHAN, Sachin Tendulkar, Priyanka Chopra.etc Swacch bharat was a dream of our nation leader Mahatma Gandhi which may true till 2020.
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