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In my point of view, No I think reservation in studies is an horrible idea. These are the reason why.

1) We students always put our best efforts so that we can make our place in the merit and shine. We would obviously be in depression if we fail and don't get admission in a good university due to reservation. People often choose to suicide in this situation.Which decreases the reputation of that particular university. So universities are moreover closing.

2)Sometimes, people don't actually feel like studying and take the advantage of their grade.So, these people never get matured and developed. So their previous classes are improper! These people buy fake certificates and take the benefits of reservation. This also happens in Politics. 

3)If Educated students don't find admissions at good universities because of reserved seats, they would have no option but to shift to another city or another country. Which means the country they are studying in will develop while the other one wouldn't which is worst thing happening to a country!

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