Sodium chloride....NaCl, barium chloride......BaCl2, sodium carbonate...Na2CO3, dihydrogen monoxide...water......H2O, potassium chloride....KCl, nitrogen monoxide...NO,dinitrogen oxide.....N2O, sulphuric acid....H2SO4, hydrochloric acid....HCl, calcium oxide....CaO, Magnesium oxide.....MgO .
Please also say the normal name of the substance
What Do you mean by normal names?.
Like sodium chloride is salt.
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common salt - NaCl(sodium chloride)

blue vitriol - CuSO4.H2O(copper sulphate)

limestone - CaCO3(calcium carbonate)

milk of magnesia - Mg(OH)2

epsom salt - MgSO4.7H2O

baking soda - NaHCO3(sodium bicarbonate)

washing soda - Na2CO3(sodium carbonate)

quicklime - CaO( calsium oxide)

slaked lime - Ca(OH)2(calcium hydroxide)

bleaching powder - CaOCl2 (calcium hypochlorite)

green vitriol - FeSO4(iron sulphate)

saltpetre - KNO3(potassium nitrate)

chile saltpetre - NaNO3(sodium nitrate )

potassium sulphate - K2SO4

ammonium phosphate - (NH4)3PO4

hydrochloric acid - HCl

alumina - Al2O3

silica - SiO2

water - H2O

hydrogen peroxide - H2O2

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