My neighborhood is the most trilling neighborhood I've ever seen. We have three neighbors who are from different countries around the world. We all might not be from the same country but we still give hospitality to each other. Our family and neighbors live in different flats but in one gigantic building called 'Ruby' in the community of 'My Home Jewel'. The flat next door is owned by a gentle Chinese family, another Arabian couple who both have a hectic duty working and a Mexican family which consist of six members! To me neighborhood is a very important thing and it definitely has a impact on our society. I am really satisfied with my neighbors, they are gentle, kind, caring and peaceful. We have a lot of facilities here;a good, gigantic parking lot just a few kilometers away, a nearby supermarket which makes it easier for us residents to purchase needs in minutes. A beautiful central parked with with pleasant, scented flowers and green oak trees.This place makes us gather with our neighbors and chit-chat with them. So we get an opportunity to socialize.Every evening, I hang around with the kids of the Mexican family so know each other more and play a lot of exciting games.The Chinese family litter the ground a lot which cause a chaos in our neighborhood. We took strict actions for this and now it's absolutely tidy. We all celebrate festivals together and understand each others culture. It's really amusing and fascinating knowing each others festivals. Though they might be some difficulties like our language and culture, we ignore those differences and treat each other as brothers and sisters! I would like to finish by saying my neighborhood is the best and I am proud of it.

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I live in an appartment in kolkata.

usually people are not very friendly in the area in which i live but my neighbour is very different from others.

in my neighbourhood , a family lives which consists of one mother , father and two daughters.

the two daughters are very good and they are really very well mannered.

their mother is very kind and helps us in all our needs.

her two daughters names are sana and diana.

sana is younger than diana.

i usually prefer playing with diana as she is of my age.

i will pray to god that we will never be separated .
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