environment is the place in which we live.
it consists of the lithosphere , hydrosphere , atmosphere and biosphere.we live in this environment in peace.
this environment has been great polluted these days.
we are also being effected because of this pollution caused by the human beings.
we should take steps to make our environment clean and free from pollution.
we should study our environment to understand its structure.
we get to know many things and amazing facts about our environment.
we are suffering harmful diseases because of pollution and so we should try to keep our environment to stay healthy.
we get to know things which we also follow in our daily life.we know that plants gives us oxygen which we use for breathing.
we are stopping the process of deforestation only because we know that is trees are cut down then we will not be able to survive.
there are many such things which we need to learn for our survival on earth.
so it is neccessary to study about our environment.
We all living in environment. We need to know about it. The current global warming is called AGW - Anthropogenic Global Warming. Which means caused by humans. So inorder to protect our environment from various things which means to protect ourselves. So environmental studies important to save environment. We can identify differences between environment before many years and present and we can know more about it and preventive causes for those things which cause harm for environment which means cause harm to us.