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Time : 10am Venue : Auditorium Date : 16th of November, 2014 As the Annual Day is knocking on our doors, the cultural committee decided to hold a meeting, during which we would finalise the events and the preferable settings. Everyone sat down. The cultural head, Myra, began, "As you all must be knowing, the Annual Day is very near. It's on the 1st of December. The auditions will be held on the 21st of November in ten auditorium. All those, who are willing to showcase their talent through our school performance, are requested to come forward." About everyone's hand shot up into the air. "Yes?" Elsie, a junior member of the team, stood up. "I want to perform." "Of course. Why not? All those who would like to try out for various performances, such as group, solo, duet or trio dances; songs, plays; anything that you can do yourself, practice and perform perfectly, may give their names to my secretary here," she pointed at me. "As she will be taking the auditions. Thank you. The meeting is over. Everyone may now head back to your own classes." The meeting was over. Now all I could do is wish for the best of luck.
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