science is a catagory combined of four subjects .

these four subjects is mathematics . biology , chemistry and physics.
in my school , mathematics classes are held everyday.

biology classes are held thrice in a week , chemistry classes are held , twice and physics classes are held four days in a week.

these classes are taken by different teachers.

biology is taken by mrs . R . Banerjee , chemistry is taken by Mrs.S. roy , mathematics is taken by Ms.P. Chakraborti and physics is taken by Mrs .S.Singh.

i love all the science subjects.

when our syllabus is over , the teachers gives us free periods in which we entertain the teacher by singing songs and telling stories.

so i like to attend all the classes and honestly i have never been absent in any of these classes.

teachers also appreciates me for my hard work which is great encouragement for me.

in these classes i get to learn many new things and i have a great hunger for knowledge.

i usually ask for for explanation on different chapters which in turn makes the understanding of the chapters very easy.

i am still wanting to learn more about these subjects and i hope that this hunger for knowledge of mine will never finish.
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 my Science class is interesting because we learn most things by doing
- the teacher demonstrates scientific principles by simple experiments
- she taught us about breathing by filling in air in a balloon
- we learnt about floating of objects by putting objects of different size and weight in a tub filled with water
- we go for nature walks with our teacher in the school garden to collect stones and leaves of interesting shapes
- then we use these to make patterns on a cardboard to display in the class room, at the same time we learn the names of the trees that have shed those leaves
- the teacher shows us small clips about volcano eruption, earthquake and tsunami to make us aware of natural disasters