once upon a time there lived two young friends.there name was sonam and monam.they were best friends.they did everything together.they never did anything separately.

but inspite of all these there was one big difference between. them.sonam had great self confidence and she never use to leave any sort of work without completing it while monan was very weak and always left her work without completing it.they grew up together as best friends.

then they were studying in collage and they both took science.sonam studied in this field with full concentration but monam found that arts was easier and so she left science and took arts.

then she failed to concentrate on arts as well but sonam on the other hand studied the full course of science and today she is a very well known doctor while monam is still suffering with her career.

moral:never take short cuts instead complete all the task and works of your life.
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                                    ''short cut cut short the success '' 

Oh one of those get rich quick deals? Building a business is not get rich quick so do not be disappointed at first.  Anything that is worthwhile will take some time and effort.Starting a business requires patience.  This is one area where most people struggle.  You are excited and you expect all your friends and family to be as well.  When they are not, you become discouraged and for many this is the end of their business.I would not let anyone (including family and friends) to discourage me and keep me from reaching my goal.  Be careful from whom you take advice and if they are not a business owner, I would find someone that is willing to help you and be a mentor.  We all need good coaches to help us to succeed.Another area where many people fail, is you must show up every day for your business.  No matter how you feel, no matter what the weather is doing, no matter what you must show up because you are the business.  You may not work seven days a week, but in the beginning you will work five to six days a week to get your business moving.                     
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