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The Anaconda is the largest snake in the world. It is found in the Amazon river basin. It can eat up a human being in one gulp. But surprisingly, an Anaconda's mouth and tail is much smaller compared to the size of it's body. The Green Anaconda is more specified to be the largest snake in the world. Anacondas are also known as killer snakes. 
Some Amazing Facts about Anacondas - 
1) They grow constantly until they die.
2) They are 30 feet long and weigh .550 pounds
3) Females are bigger than males.
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Anaconda is type of snake.This is said to be the largest snake.This is mostly found in tropical forests of SOUTH AMERICA.In biological terms it is called as Eunectus Murinus. Anacondas mostly live in the AMAZON RAIN FOREST,BRAZIL.The Ancondas are said to be amphibious animals.Averagely an Anaconda lay  24-30 eggs at a time.THeir average  size is 6.1 m that is 20 feet. And its average weight is 148.5 kg.Green anacondas can even grow till 29 feet (8.8m).It is said that female anacondas are bigger than male.

The anacondas mostly spend time deep in dark water.


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