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Schools may participate in the Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan by taking up a programme for cleanliness during this period. The students, teachers, parents, alongwith School Management Committees would be encouraged to participate in this programme. The schools may take up, interalia , the following activities during this period: Talk by a few children on different aspects of cleanliness in the School Assembly every day, especially with regard to sayings and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, on cleanliness and hygiene.
It is a great step taken in india toward cleanliness , Prime minister Narendra Modi launched this nation wide campaign ,the PM said that cleaning should not be the responsibility  of karamcharis or workers alone ,all citizens of india are equally responsible for keeping india clean .the mindset of the people should be changed and each and everyone should cime forward to participate in this cleanliness drive .he also said that This work is not only  about a prachar abhiyan . it is a big effort . its main objective is to clean up the country by 2019 and proper managment and treatment of both solid and liquid waste across the country 
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