swatchh means clean or pure,bharat is nothing but swatchh bharat means clean india.its a dream of gandhiji ,father of our nation.he always wished to see a pure and clean india.our respected prime minister shri narendra modiji wanted to fulfill gandhiji's dream.and on gandhi jayanti of 2014 i.e.on 2nd october,2014,narendra modi sir started a new mission called swatchh bharat.i think this mission would never come to an end . many people are included (almost all indians)in this mission 
                    SO COMMON LET US CLEAN INDIA

swachh bharath is a campaign started by our honorable P.M narendra modi on October 2nd .it is attempt by our P.M to make our india clean and developed and many celebrities and great personalities started cleaning to inspire others .every school and college and some institutions started campaigns to clean their surroundings .