if sky becomes green,then we cannot get the daylight as white.if sky is blue the day appears white.if it is green,all the things appear greenish
also the plants cannot perform photosynthesis if plants become blue,chloroplasts will be not present.
 thank you.

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no.if plants don't have chloroplast,the food will not be prepared.the food chain will be disturbed.and atlast,we may not survive.
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If the sky is blue we will not get white look and the nature cycle will be destroyed totally,same to the performance of plants-they will not be able to perform photosynthesis and only green plants can perform it  and also the whole food chain will be destroyed by -if the green plants are not there the herbivores will not be able to eat them,if there will be no herbivores no carnivores will able to eat the following and they will die too.and there is a fact in the food chain than only with green plants will begin the food chain because the green plant can only do photosynthesis.
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