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First Information Report (FIR):It is with the registration of an FIR that the police canbegin their investigations into a crime. The law statesthat it is compulsory for an officer in charge of a policestation to register an FIR whenever a person givesinformation about a cognizable offence. Thisinformation can be given to the police either orally orin writing. The FIR usually mentions the date, time andplace of the offence, details the basic facts of theoffence, including a description of the events. If known,the identity of the accused persons and witnesses isalso mentioned. The FIR also states the name andaddress of the complainant. There is a prescribed formin which the police registers an FIR and it is signed bythe complainant. The complainant also has a legal rightto get a free copy of the FIR from the police.
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