before the invention of smart phone people had spoke to each other very affectionately and shared their problems with each other.they gave more importance to human relationships.

but after the invention of smart phone people don't even talk to  their parents or people surrounding them. they sharing everything with social networking sites but not with human relations .they r forgetting human relationships when they are using smart phones.

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BEFORE MOBILE PHONES: People used to send information with the help of pegions ans messengers. It takes much time to deliver the news.There is no guarantee for the news that may be deliver or may not. People cannot talk directly. There is no radiation. AFTER MOBILES : People can talk directly. Information can be sent within a few minutes ir seconds. There is gurantee for the Information to be delivered.people can talk directly. People can send messages also. There are some expensive mobiles in which more than 2 persons can talk wiyh the help of conference option. Radiation increased more.