Speaking in English is not a difficult task only exception is if you are not used to English. Here are some ways to help improve your English... Try to talk in English at home because there will be no embarrassing situation if you make a mistake and your parents can also guide you. Watch and read English movies and books to improve your grammar. Read every thing aloud in books so that your pronunciation is correct. Try to say the dialogues of the movie later to improve your imitation skills.
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its very simple,
learn english by listening the classes of chiranjeevi sir in online 
if you are not interested by that get a spoken english book and read it and try to understand the formation of sentences.consult an english tutor .talk only in english with whomever you meet .tell your friends to talk in english with you .see english news and movies.try to observe how evidently they speak .try to catch their words.prefer english books and english newspapers to read
                                        hope these many advices are enough
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