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Following steps can be taken to prevent marine pollution.

1.Oil spills should be controlled so that thw hole ocean doesn't becomes polluted.

2.Waste material should not be thrown in the water bodies.

3.Direct disposal of wastes in water bodies should be stopped.

4.Agricultural runoff and use of  pesticides should also be controlled.

5.We should also prevent air pollution because as acid rain is caused by air pollution and acid rain is very harmful for water bodies.

6.Waste from factories and industries should not be directly disposed in water bodies.They should be treated before disposal.

Marine pollution is a pollution which is caused by spoiling water bodies. Mainly factories spoil water bodies by sending toxic chemicals. Many people export and import goods through oceans as it is cheap and best. There may be some accidents of ships in oceans and the oil which is going to export by them may form a layer on the ocean which will not allow oxygen to be passed. So preventive measures : 1. Stop litteribg things in water bodies.2. Stop bathing , washing clothes in water bodies. 3. Stop sending harmful chemicals in to water bodies.