1. Mohmmad ali jinnah the leader of muslim league of muslim league demanded seperate national status for pakistan. 2. Choudary rehmat ali a punjabi muslim student distributed pamphlets in 1933 & 1935 requesting seperate nation for pakistan. 3. Muslim league made all peasents , labourers, workers to demand seperate national status for pakistan. 4. They raised a lot when most of congresd rulers are in jail. 5. At last britishers announced independence for India on 15th August 1947 and independence for pakistan on 16th August 1947. If britishers did not seperate India and Pakistan tgete would be many wars between these two countries. Choudary rehmat ali coined the name pakistan.
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There were many reasons for partition of India.Some were-

1.Mohhamed Ali Zinha from muslim league was the main reason for the partion of country.
2.minority of muslim makes the partition of country.

3.The Britishes did not want the Hindus and Muslims to stand united against them.