Please do not worry I think you had done the byheartation so you can revise it once again before the exam and it depends upon your exam dates ,how far they are so you can set up a time shedule and should work according to your timetable .you should seperate time for reading autobiography and side by side you can do your byheartation .
See, Now be calm and read my answer carefully.

Read the autobiography everyday and don't waste your time watching T.V or playing whenever you are free... read the autobiography. But do not learn it by heart as it won't help much, What you have to do is that just make the autobiography clear in your mind.. you should know that what the autobiography is all about and the points of it must be clear and be in your mind. You just have to understand the autobiography and if you feel you have understood it then you can do a little bit of learning by HEART.

And if you talk about the test then you have to do the same thing you have to know the chapters well understand the steps, concepts or whatever but all regarding the chapter should be clear and whenever you study keep making notes so that later you have more things from which you can study and be practical try to remember what your teacher had explained while studying. And have a regular timetable everyday because you have to study everyday only before the test won't do. And That's all. Thanks!