Root out corruption before it  roots in you. Now a days our society is corrupted. This because every one want to live luxorious life. Maximum this corruption is done by job holders. People are always busy in earning money and with the same busy they are doing corruption. They are not understanding that they will not take anything with them after their death. So don't corrupt and don't let your self be corrupted.
Nowadays there are many problems in our society . People have to face off many problems such as rising of prices of food , petrol etc , corruption and much more . But the problem of corruption has a major impact . It is not a problem of one person . it is the problem for whole country or even can say the problem of whole continents people's . For removing or root out this corruption from society we have to take appropriate actions against it.Such as giving punishment to those who are involved in this . Making laws and rules .Media should come forward to create awareness against corruption in society . If appropriate actions will not be taken then our whole system will be collapsed. So at last i want to say 

Root out corruption before it roots in you.