At the age of sixteen he entered to the world of Merchant Navy. However his passion for reading and writing was still continued while at board. While being aboard is when he realized that his passion should be bought out and he should be a writer by himself.During his tenure as a sailor, he had to face many sea sicknesses and finally in the year 1895, when his ship boarded New York City, he deserted the ship and walked out to be writer. Even though it was his dream to be a writer, before he could make it he has to sustain on many odd jobs and traveled lots to keep going. Finally by 1902, he got his dream come true. His poems and novels started to get published.In 1895, Masefield happened to read a New York periodical, the Truth, which contained the poem ‘The Piper of Arll’ by Duncan Scott. After near to 10 years, Masefield wrote to Scott, what it meant for him to read that poem. From that poem is how he got inspired to poetry and that poem had deeply influenced him to turn to poetry.Being a sailor, he enjoyed the loneliness and quiet environment of the sea. In the poem, Sea Fever, Masefield expresses his desire for sailing once again in the quite sea, under the quiet sky. He expresses his desire for the need of a well built ship to sail and a star in the dark sky to act as a guide. Soon the adventures would begun and as each day dawns, he wakes up to see the early grey mist rise from the sea.In the poem, the poet expresses his strong desire to get back to the se as the call from the sea cannot be ignored or denied. He wishes that there would be strong winds that would blow away the thick white clouds in the sky and take the sail forward throughout the day. Watching from the shore fills his heart with the adventure and spirit.The last para explains that the poet would like to be a wandering gypsy , however he would miss the sea gulls and the white whales and most of all his time spent with his fellow men at the deck , listening to tales and good and silent sleep which drifts into a sweet dream.This poem clearly shows how Masefield had enjoyed his days on the sea and he would like to have a part of it, even after he has left is far behind following his passions.A beautifully layed out poem which hold the memories of the past.